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========================== frequently asked questions ==========================

* Can you really use a computer just from the Linux console? Most of the times. Obviously not everything works though. My use cases let me work from the command line only, but there are others that are not suitable for that. Let there be no mistake here - every now and then you'd need to start xorg to do something that requires "modern" browser. Or to edit an image. Or open PDF with password protection. Or do something else you didn't figure a way to do from the command line *yet*. * Does this require a lot of skill? Not much in my opinion, but you do need to be stubborn enough to figure out how things work and you need to know how to list directories, change them and start w3m from shell. All other things can be discovered through the search engines. Actually you can duckduckgo these 3 things as well, so you just need to be stubborn. * Why would anyone want to limit themselves to using just a text console? There are many reasons why people choose different technologies, so I can speak only for myself. Since I was a kid using computers through a text interface felt magical, while all the GUIs felt like shit. I have no idea why that is. Feeling of control and simplicity when you see just text? Feeling that you can do everything with just a text interface? Being somehow connected to the computing history? Illusion the you see what the computer is actually doing? I don't know really. I just feel that using computer like this is a part me. Also - Linux console is not only text anymore - it's capable of showing graphics like images, PDFs or playing movies through the framebuffer. And yes, you are right there are limitations, but for me the fun is also in overcoming them. * Can you be as efficient as someone working with graphical interfaces? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It depends. I didn't start using a computer like that for efficiency, but because I enjoyed it and when I started I never thought that I could be very efficient. Turns out I can, so I think most other people can too. The problem is that often when I encounter something new I need to do a little research on how to use it from the command line. This time spent on research makes me less efficient, at least initially. * What are the pros? The biggest one is that I get to see how programs work. These details are often hidden when you work with graphical interfaces. Another one is that often I need to automate many things in my workflows and this makes me much better in automating in general and thinking about different edge cases to create fail-safe processes (fucking corp speak). * What are the cons? You do need a lot of time to research things and not everything will be possible to do. Also some people will make unreasonable assumptions about your computer skills and black screen with text draws attention. * Why not just use a tiling window manager? I did that too (dwm ftw), but I just don't like the feeling when I have to use a lot of stacked software just to type letters. I like it when the systems I use are as simple as possible. And also - Linux console just feels so good.